Sunday, February 19, 2012

Everyone is an artist.

When I listen to good music, and when I make art; hopefully good art, I fear growing older less. These things are constants--they won't leave me. They will be my companions against what I fear most, being alone.

Art and music teach you how to be alone. They are pseudo companions that fill up the space when the hustle-bustle has passed you, and never really was about you.

Art and music teach you to be.

And not just to be, but to be in the moment. For as long as I've lived, there are so many things I still know so little about. But there are few things I do know for sure. Love is the purpose of life, without it I don't know how we'd live, but more importantly, why. Art and music art teach me how to adapt, navigate and negotiate the ups and downs of the journey.

They are with me when times are bad, and good, and these things, creativity itself, make me comfortable with myself...Alone..

Creativity is the walking stick, that I lean upon, on my journey...

Find your creativity, embrace it, and make it part of your daily life...Everyone is creative and everyone is an artist. Find that part of you, and make a new friend....

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