Thursday, March 22, 2012

big thank you's

Thank you so much for joining my blog. We create in silence, and sometimes that's great, but ultimately we want to communicate because, at least I think, art is a form of communication. So we have our zen/peace time when we are working, but what if it doesn't sell, gets no reception, or recognition?

Is that what it's about?

Not always, but nevertheless, our art is speaking. Is it quoting Hawthorne, or explaining the mysteries of the universe? No. It's just us, putting paint to canvas, saying this is where I am today. Do you feel this way? Does this/ do I make sense? Do you see what I see?

Art is a form of communication that is often done in isolation. I am so pleased and honored to have you join my site...I am not alone and you are not alone...very cool.....:)

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