Sunday, March 4, 2012

things to do while not sleeping....

I am in the non-sleeping mode. I wake up at 4 am try to read, make coffee, and photograph ridiculous pictures of one of my dogs. I have so many ideas for paintings but this lack of sleep whacks me right in the middle of the day and I lose all steam to paint. I know it will get better soon, it's just a waiting game until the insomnia wind blows on somebody else for awhile. In the meantime, I fall asleep at 10, wake up at 4, start my day, completely run out of gas at 2, and try not to nap. I have ideas for paintings, but feel exhausted all the time. I know this will pass, but it's such a drag...


  1. I too am an early riser and find I get more done when I wake early.

  2. It all depends on the hormones and lack there of.:) I am going to try and paint the next time I wake up at four. Why the heck not? I worked for years as an elementary art teacher. Took some time off to paint more, and do volunteer work. Sometimes I get the old panic that if I wake up too early I'll fall back asleep and be late for work. My work is here now:) It'll be here if I fall back to sleep!

    Thanks for joining my blog--your blog and art is beautiful!! How'd you find me anyway?